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Good evening.

So good to finally meet you all.

We should talk, I think. Yes? Let's talk.

Today was the end of the world. You might have missed it. It happened when you weren't looking. It happened precisely at the moment when the moons revealed the doorway Danu had built millenia ago, and you walked through. You were so focused on your goal, your quest, the idiot breadcrumbs dropped by the witch that you've been following for a decade, that you blinked at just the moment the world ended.


But let's talk, shall we? My name is Maeryn. I am the one they found as a replacement. The only one who could use Ethniu's blasted staff. A triangle blunted until I fit through a circle. I'm mad and lost and they have ripped me out of my own head like disembowled entrails, and then shoved it all back in wrong, but I'm better off than them, and I'm the only hope left, see?

You should talk to me. Me and my brothers. We want to help you. Ah, but no, that's a lie. We have no interest in helping you. Our interests just happen to align perfectly. We want Danu dead and Eire alive, and so do you. Even if you don't know it yet. That's what you want.

So we should talk. I admit, I did toy with your minds. I've done it off and on for ten years. I was caught. I paid a heavy price. Still have some cogs loose as a result. Still not all back together. Well, never will be. That's just in the interest of disclosure.

Let's help each other.

Let's talk.

There. Does it sound so mad as all that? Would that be so hard to actually write? Not say outloud, never, but in writing...
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After all these years, and the time it chooses is right now...

The world... it does have a sense of humour, doesn't it? Haha.


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